About Us

Our Vision: The idea of a modern province management software took shape in 2006 when online systems were just about beginning. Deogracia took its present shape after intense research and interactions with province functionaries. Our Services: Theosys develops software for Religious Congregations, online province software and online congregation software. It is an advanced web based online province software system integrated with a mobile app for networking the entire province. Deogracia Team: The team consists of 12 practicing IT professionals who are engaged in their own professions/business. Many of them are working with the top IT giants who actually handles complex IT systems of top tech giants. Our Mission: To provide an affordable and integrated province management software and mobile app for the congregations to establish and retain connectivity with all its members The Technology: We have the wherewithal to adapt to the dynamic communication systems and make it secure to connect and communicate any time, from anywhere. With technology changing every day, we constantly train and certify ourselves on the expanding service and technology issues facing us today. Our mission has always been to develop and maintain close, honourable and professional relationships by creating the maximum level of value through our products and service.